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News Hi, my name is Vincent Grondin and I'm a senior consultant at Fujitsu, a consulting firm in Montreal, Qu├ębec. I'm starting that blog to share some of my thoughts and knowledge on .NET architectures and code. Being a consultant in the .NET world I come across many different things. Some good, some bad and others that are worth a blog post here whether they be good, or hmmm... shall I say, less good :) I hope you enjoy yourself while learning new stuff. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me anytime.
Vincent Grondin
Hi all, if you have your receipt either paper or hopefully the electronic one sent to your email address, you should be able to walk up to the company store nearest to you and have your Surface 2 replaced for free. Mine got replaced but I had to pull some strings from the MVP program and I tend to believe not every MS Customer is an MVP... It took roughly 3 months to get it all sorted out but in the end, I have a brand new Surface 2 and it works like a charm :) Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 5:22 PM | Back to top

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# re: Surface 2 replaced !!!!
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Does the new one have a serial #?
Left by Aaron Kowall on Mar 13, 2014 3:58 PM

# re: Surface 2 replaced !!!!
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Yes this time I made sure it had one !

Have a good day Aaron
Left by Vincent on May 08, 2014 4:35 PM

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