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A Microsoft unpaid Evangelist journey to get Surface Pro 128GB

It us who tell other people about Microsoft cool products and the technologies and how easy they are to get things done. blah..blah.. etc...

This is what happened today : Surface Pro release date

I was there at a local Microsoft Store (Tysons Corner, VA) a week ago to get a reservation card for Surface Pro and they were are all gone, felt very happy that people are still interested in Microsoft. The sales representative told me that the store opens at 10:00AM today (2/9/13) so I was keeping money aside for the pro and went to the store at 9:00AM and was hoping there would be a line but there is none, so I ran to the store and was told by the Manger that they were all sold out the 128GB ones.


I also called another store close by Pentagon City Mall, VA and they don't have them either.


They only had 35 128GB ones and they will get the next shipment in 3-5 days, I don't know what they are going to sell to 128GB pro customers? If they don't trust their product to maintain enough stock I don't know how they would expect us to trust their product .

If this is the way they want to get the market and make people think that they were selling out stocks very soon, its like bluffing themselves.

For the past two years I have been an unpaid Microsoft Evangelist (very proud) but today I kinda lost trust in them.

I don't know if I feel any bad if they get to where Dell is today.

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This is something there. Something extraordinary and very interesting! Thank you for presenting stuff =)!!
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