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Through Chris Pratley's blog I learn about the price change of Microsoft OneNote and that it is now $ US 99 across the countries. OK what I think about this? Ofcourse it is a good news. Price drops for software is allways a good news for the consumers I guess. But when I come to think about this, I was wondering that how people in asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka. If I caculate, than $99 would be 4600 Indian Rupees. Indian economy is going up, but do people from India and sorrounding countries justify this kind of price for a piece of software ( important software). Would this be a affordable price for a normal house wife in India just researching the receipe and wanting to put them in OneNote? What about people who earn 6000 Rupees on a monthly basis and want to use this important software? How is Microsoft trying to sell their so expensive products in countries like India?

People can afford to buy software when they are buying it on a Company account, but what happens when they are buying it for themselves or their children? How is Microsoft trying to inspire people to buy such excellent software? I once met up with an Indian executive in Melbourne who was on a business trip and was trying to sell him the concept of Microsoft OneNote and Outlook 2003 and all the neat features it has. After my whole rant was finished, he said he will go back to India and have a look at the product. I was happy that I introduced a person with a great tool and then asked him how much Windows XP costed in India? He laughed at me and said “Are you crazy, Only companies can afford to buy licenses,we just burn the CD's from the office”. I wonder what companies like Microsoft is trying to convince people to buy proper licenses and stop all this piracy ? I hear that even Microsoft guys working at Microsoft India don't tend to buy licensed copies of their products?

I have just taken an example of India here. This is not to say that this only happens in India. This happens everywhere and you as a reader know it. What are your says on this? Do you still think that Microsoft prices are affordable to buy for general people in countries very exchange rate is too low?

Tejas Patel

Posted on Friday, August 6, 2004 1:10 PM Misc. | Back to top

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