I have mentioned before that one of my favorite podcasts is the Polymorphic Podcast hosted by Craig Shoemaker.  Things were a little slow there for a while.  I am guessing because Craig has done this because he wants to, not because he gets paid to and life just gets in the way some times.

This week he is fired back up to full steam.  He has a great interview with Scott Hanselman.  The only unfortunate part of the show is that it is making me feel old.  I am five years older than Scott and haven't done anywhere near as much with my career.  Very depressing.

I did enjoy hearing about all the cool people Scott has meet and worked with in his short time at Microsoft.  It is great to hear how they pretty much work on things the same way the rest of us do.

It was also nice to hear them talk about the revalations that come with experience in development.  The fact that KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) and Your Not Gonna Need It are things that new developers don't realize when they are trying to conqure the world was a great statement.

Give this program a listen and check out the old episodes.