I must be allergic to Apples since every time I watch a commercial or listen to someone hype them I get irritated.  Lately there have been a couple of posts and podcasts that have given me a little relief.  Scoble has been having problems lately with his Macs and Hanselman was relating some issues with his on the latest Polymorphic Podcast.  The observation here is not that Windows machines are any better than Apples.  It is that Apples really aren't special or immune to problems.  It more you load onto them the more unstable they are going to get.

There are other things that kill me.  They advertise lack of flexibility as a selling point.  Of course they don't call it that.  They tell you that you don't have to add anything to the machine because it is already there (or at least that is how I hear the commercials).  My reaction is that I want to be able to add the latest and greatest to my machine any time I want.  Of course this means I am risking an unstable machine because no one can code for every possibility.

So, I'm not saying that Apple doesn't have a good product.  They just need to quit lying to people that some how they make perfect machines and perfect software.  As a developer I know that just isn't possible.  They have just as many faults as anyone else, they just chose not deal with as many variables.

Disclaimer: The fact that I am linking to other well known personalities does not mean they hold the same opinion I do.