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October 2007 Entries

Vista and New Machine Annoyances

I have had my new machine for about two weeks now.  There are a number of things that are bugging me.  Some of them are definitely Vista related.  Some of them might be the machine or might be Vista.

The first thing is that nothing is where it used to be.  The screen saver utility is no longer in Display.  It is now in Personalization.  Oh, and by the way, Display no longer appears in the Control Panel, it's under Personalization.

So once you find the screen saver setting try selecting Photos.  Even if you select a specific directory it still seems to pick up all images in the Gallery.  Guess what?  Included in the gallery, and cannot be removed are the sample images.  I am about one nerve away from deleting the sample photos entirely.

I am a camera nut, so my images need to be crisp or start getting annoyed.  There is a problem which I can't tell if it is Vista or the hardware/drivers on the Toshiba laptop.  On some images vertical pixel banding is occuring.  This especially happens on faces and reflective surfaces.  I have never seen these artifacts on any other screen with the same images.

I have also had trouble installing a couple of peice of software including Windows Live Writer.  You would think that of all things would install.

What do I like about Vista?  It seems to have a number of cool features such as the window switch (window+tab) and rating images like you would in Light Room.  I like that there is now a calendaring app in the system that isn't connected to email out of the box.  The file property preview at the bottom of the explorer is also a nice feature.  None of these are earth shattering, but they have a certain amount of cool factor.

Windows Vista User Experience at T+ 48hr

Ok, so I am a little behind the adoption curve for an IT person.  I had a machine crash recently and finally purchased a computer with Vista installed.  I have to say that so far I am less than impressed.  I am sure that the computer needs more memory but I am experiencing random screen flickers where the screen will black for a second and then everything is fine.  This seems to only happen when there are a number of popup bubbles.

Another wierd thing is windows keep resizing themselves when I am clicking but not touching the resize controls.  I think this might just be tuning of the touch pad.

Now trying to navigate with the new Windows Explorer and Program menu are taking a while to get used to.  Things aren't where I expect them to be and I think it is trying to hide detail that I need to figure out how to turn off. 

I may right more later, but for now I will leave the rant at this point.