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July 2009 Entries

In Visual Studio the settings for static analysis is done on the project property page, a tab called Code Analysis. You can set which code analysis rules you want to be active. The default in Visual Studio 2008 is to use all. If you run with this default setting you will generate a lot of "noise", since there are a large set of rules. You need to create a set containing the rules you and your team find are suitable for your organization and project. This set you have to apply to every C# project ......

We have run 10 seminars with myself, Mikael Nitell and Jakob Ehn on TFS 2008 during the last two years. These seminars were made from the point of our company's experience with the TFS system. We debated different aspects of it, and showed people how we had chosen to solve the different issues that arose. These seminars took in the range of 4 hours, and we've had around 700 people all in all participating in these seminars, with very favorable feedback. Now in June, June 10th, we, myself and Mikael, ......

There has always been a controversy between modeling and coding. All from the point where models are to be turned into code automatically, through the state where models are written and then forgotten after coding has started, to the point where one generates models from the code. To me, code and model is representations of the same thing - the problem to be solved, or the solution to the problem. And when the solution matches the problem, which sometimes happens, all is well. So the artifacts one ......

All these three terms are used to describe the behavior of an application. They come from different process methodologies, and have different meanings, characteristics and are intended to be used differently. Larry Guger also discuss these aspects and several others in his blog entries http://continuouslyintegrat... and http://continuouslyintegrat... The Use Case is ......

When I started blogging I made a decision to concentrate on technical stuff. I would not write about personal things, not about what happened in my everyday life, not about my social life, not about personal trivia, but just keep it technical - write about software and software technology. And keeping my personal life and my technical life separated seemed like a good idea, and shouldn't pose any problem what so ever. But, as everything in life, things doesn't work out quite the way one thinks. My ......