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Not sure why this hasn’t been covered yet on the blogosphere, but yesterday at Microsoft 2008 Launch Event, Tom Brokaw gave a ~15 minute monologue about technology to introduce Steve Ballmer , the plight of our planet, and how technology (and those who deploy it) should be used for the greater good.

Tom Brokaw!  That’s right – TB; to introduce Visual Studio 2008 and other products.  Relevance?  I wonder if he’s a C# guy, or perhaps more of an IT Pro.  LMAO.  It was a cool experience, and quite different from the usual (a la Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown in a De Lorean), which set the stage for this *unique* event.

I’ve been to my share of launches and airlifts – and the most bizarre part about this one was – surprisingly not Brokaw – but the spandex-wearing “living art” performers that graced the walkway from the Nokia Live Theatre to the LA Convention Center.  It was something from an episode of The State.

What did you think about the event?  Hyper-V does look awesome, and of course Visual Studio 2008 is bliss (we’ve been using it since RTM last November!)  Cheers.

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The event was good. It was participated by many. - Dennis Wong YOR Health
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