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It seems that the server on which this blog is hosted was experiencing problems over the weekend, so I’m sorry that my recap was not posted sooner.


Ending the week with a fun night at Universal Orlando was perfect – the Hitachi Consulting crew met up (along with my good friend Arash) and partied like junior high kids, except for those with booze ;)


Friday was not too productive, and our flight back to LAX departed around 1:00 PM.  I met up with some folks for breakfast, and manned the seemingly empty CSI Cabana with Pete for a few hours, then headed to the airport.


Overall, the highlight of this trip (aside from our Cabana Session, “BizTalk In Your Service Oriented Enterprise”) was definitely the skillz gained in Amped 2.  I don’t care what Pete says, he cheated!  Stupid double flips …


In all seriousness, this year’s event was definitely an exciting one, with so many new technologies on the verge.  If you aren’t already familiarizing your self with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 – you’d better.  Come November, it’s on!

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