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Steve Clements .Net and then some.... December 2010 Entries
Gotcha | Installing .net 4.0 and IIS 6
Just a quick one, seems pretty weird to me. I installed .net 4.0 on an old IIS6 box, ready to deploy a mvc app targeting .net 4.0. I thought, which to me seems logical, that I install .net 4.0, setup a new web site, new app pool, set the web site to 4.0 (other configuration also needed to run MVC on IIS6 here and here) and it would just work. Errr… No. The page cannot be displayed! Nothing to do with MVC. Apparently just because you have installed .net 4 and the option is available ......

Posted On Monday, December 13, 2010 4:29 AM

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