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I have had Vista installed for about a month and although I haven’t specifically spent time to find out exactly what’s new I have developed likes and dislikes.

I think somewhere on GWB I saw a post along the lines of “What’s all the fuss about?”, I don’t agree with that; from what I have seen at the Vista Developer launch and .net 3 the world of development is getting better in the Vista era! Especially from a UI perspective.

So anyway my likes and dislikes (please post yours; I would like to see what I have missed)


  • Aero; how can anyone not like Aero? The new theme is excellent; I much prefer the black taskbar. 
  • Windows explorer; I was not sure on the breadcrumb thing to start with but now I am a fan! The treeview that auto scrolls is also a nice touch.
  • Dialogs; the new “File Open Dialog” and the “message box” dialogs are much better. You don’t actually get these dialogs “for free” when developing windows applications but should be a must for all applications intended to run on windows. Note: I am going to do a post on building these new dialogs into windows apps soon.
  • Searching; this is probably my “numero uno” favourite! The search box on the start menu.....type in calc and it opens the calculator!! No more going through a load of flyout menu’s to find an application, simple start typing in there and the results will start to appear!! I Love it!
  • Actually search is available all over Vista and its very quick and I already miss it when using XP.
  • IIS7; this isn’t really the post to get right into IIS7, it’s such a huge improvement. There are plenty of improvements for both sys admins and developers...roll on Longhorn!!!
  • The cool 3D view when you click “Switch applications”.
  • Alt Tabbing gives you a small view of the window. I know XP had a power toy for this but it isn’t as good!
  • Sidebar; this is very cool and I can see lots of potential for add-ons etc. The framework MS provide makes this even more appealing! I have written a small gadget and will post on that later!


  • User Account Control (UAC); this has to be top of the list – it’s just the most annoying thing ever to happen on a computer. Although I can see the reason for it, I just had to turn it off!!
  • Not all applications (Macromedia..ur..Adobe Fireworks) support the new theme and revert to vista basic.
  • Although early days support for software, even from MS seems poor. Installing VS was a nightmare and I have just bought a keyboard set from MS that is supposed to be Vista arse...disc wouldn’t load!
  • Unreal Tournament doesnt work properly - the game is very jumpy!  It could be my PC but it worked fine on XP and I have a 4.0 on the "Vista Scale" so its not great but no slouch!!
  • MSN Messenger Live doesnt connect even though the troubleshooting says it should - not sure this is Vista related but it sure never happended before!

So I guess its a safe assumtion that I am a fan on Vista on the whole - this isnt really a review of the technical improvements on Vista.  I never really had a problem with XP on that front so I assume Vista is at the very least as good (or bad) as Vista...only time will tell!!

I also dont have Vista Ultimate so I dont have any of the media center functionality to play with but then I don't really use my machine for that long as it plays MP3 etc I'm cool!

Let me know what you have found thats cool or crap on Vista! :)

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I've been running Vista Business for almost a month now, and I've got no problems with MSN Messenger Live...could be a security permission thing maybe? (firewall, etc.)

That sucks about UT not working...but WoW works pretty much flawlessly.

Left by D'Arcy from Winnipeg on Jan 27, 2007 9:14 PM

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