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Steve Clements .Net and then some.... December 2006 Entries
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Well the year is coming to an end; finishing of that last bit of Christmas shopping and preparing for the huge consumption of food and alcohol that is sure to be coming my way and seeing I am finishing work today and plan to be offline for the next few days/week I thought I would get in early and wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2007!

Have a good one! :)


Posted On Friday, December 22, 2006 1:17 PM

So the other day I was adding a “news page” to one of my projects and thought it was a great chance to play with consuming some other RSS feeds that had related information to what I was working on. So I started looking round and found the RSS Toolkit that had an RSS Data Source control that is perfect for consuming RSS feeds – the toolkit actually does much more, you should have a read on Dmitry’s blog (he wrote the toolkit and in on the team) download the toolkit here. I have also used ......

Posted On Sunday, December 17, 2006 1:52 PM AJAX RC1
So they have released AJAX RC1 which is apparently the penultimate release before the fully supported product. Couple of new features... Built in VS 2005 Web Application Project template to create new AJAX application. Additional globalisation support for AJAX applications, improved substitution logic, compression and caching. The assembly Microsoft.Wev.Extensions.dll has changed to System.Web.Extension.dll and the namespace Microsoft.Web has changed to System.Web Two reasons for the change ......

Posted On Friday, December 15, 2006 9:53 AM

Vista Installed :)
After downloading Vista Enterprise from MSDN and finally got round to installing it!!! And wow!! It's really is pretty! a total joy to use. To top it off I installed Office 2007 and am publishing this post with Word 2007. I have had a couple of problems installing it with a few things not working straight away I had to search around for some drivers and my printer software wont install but the drivers are OK. My PC has a rank of 4.0 on the "Vista Scale" out of (apparently) 5.9(?) see more here; next ......

Posted On Thursday, December 14, 2006 10:22 PM

Becoming an MCAD
OK so I’m not quite there yet! I have passed Web Apps and Windows apps and have one exam left to do (XML services and .net remoting which I must say is the hardest of all three – perhaps some of you out there who are already MCAD/MCSD agree?!?)These will soon be out of date as the new .net 2.0 exams are released and the certifications have changed slightly but I haven’t really looked in these a great deal. I actually started life as a software developer late on and put myself through further education ......

Posted On Wednesday, December 6, 2006 8:08 PM

Great post on advanced AJAX
I have just read this great post on by Omar AL Zabir who is the author of Its got some great tips on advanced use of the AJAX framework. Well worth a read, find it here ......

Posted On Tuesday, December 5, 2006 7:10 PM

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