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I am currently converting my app from Atlas CTP to AJAX, I am having a few problems here and there...least of all intellisense doesn't work but the page builds and displays?? Wait to here from the forums on that one...stay tuned!

A change from the CTP's, to call a web service through the MS AJAX library you need to add the....

[Microsoft.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService] your web service class or add the Microsoft.Web.Script.Services namespace to your to the using statements.



public class [ClassName] : System.Web.Services.WebService


This is true for webservices that the Cascading Drop Down control uses too.

Note on the Cascading drop down control: I have found that for my page method to work correctly I need to have the code in the aspx file as appose to in the code behind file? This seems totally crazy and I'm sure I must be missing something.  Again I wait to here from the forums...stay tuned.
Also, all your page methods now need to be static.

I will be posting more on this as I get all the problems ironed out.

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