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I often read people blogs and they are off to Code camp or some event with their user group talking about the free stuff they get from MS and well, I want to go! BUT...I live in England, near Bristol.  I can't seem to find any such thing near me!

So (two part question!)

1.  Is anyone out their from my area and part of a dot net user group?

2.  How would I go about starting one? Who is the best person to contact about this?


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In short... You. You are the person to contact. If you want a code camp then go for it. I've presented at 2 code camps in my area. I tried to help provide a space to host our second code camp. Unfotunately this very task is the one that will be most difficult for you. Finding a place to host your code camp is very difficult. Everything else falls into place very naturally. Due to cost we dropped back to hosting our second code camp at a local Microsoft office which is where we hosted the first.

A recomendation is to contact your local Microsoft Developer Evangelist (DE) to get the ball rolling. But I recomend that you become the driving force behind your local code camp. Don't forget a code camp is by the community for the community. Which means we are all equal and you have as much control over running a code camp as much as anybody in your area.

Good luck and ping me if you think I can be of assistance. You can contact me at Click on contact and send me an e-mail.

Left by --chaz on Oct 04, 2006 12:44 AM

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