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Stephanie Grima C#, ASP.NET and my life.
Stephanie Grima’s Curriculum Vitae
As a person, I consider myself as capable to work alone and with a team easily. I am very hard working, and do whatever I set my mind to doing. I am currently at MCAST ICT, during my last year of my studies reading my Higher National Diploma. I also hold an A-Level in IT as well as a National Diploma in Computing. I see myself working in IT as a web developer or software programmer while I continue furthering my knowledge by doing exams such as MCTS and others. Something I am very proud of is that I am a frequent blogger/article writer on a website, and that as of 6th of March 2009, I am one of the few MSPs (Microsoft Student Partners) in Malta.
Personal Information
·         Name: Stephanie Grima
·         Email:
·         Blog:
·         I am computer literate
·         Capable programmer in: .NET
·         Basic knowledge of: PHP
·         Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, AJAX and some Javascript
·         Capable in using MS SQL, My Sql, Oracle
Examples of my work include:
·         Currently I am working on my Higher National Software Project.
This is a community of several people who have various interests and are willing to share it with others over the internet. It lets the user to submit, rate and search articles within the community. The idea behind this community is, to create personalized pages according to the user’s preferences. These preferences are obtained by points gathered while submitting articles, rating, searching and reading articles. Personal pages include, viewing the latest articles according to preferences and a list of people who have the same preferences. This community will make use of RSS for those users who want to access information by the means of mobile phones.
·         A shopping cart website where the client website was developed by PHP while the administration of products and users is however developed in C# ASP.NET. Database used is SQL Server.
·         A website in C# ASP.NET which is like a community for artists, fans, concert organizers and music labels. The user chooses his role and inserts profile information accordingly. So far, the website is made up of: registering, logging in, inserting and updating profile (which includes a picture), number of profile views for the artists and also a search function. The profiles found are displayed in a data list and then the user clicks the link provided to view all details of the user.
·         An airline website in C# and ASP.NET which let the register and log in to book flights and search through flights available. Administrator has the capability to add new flights to the website. There is also a feature of sending a message to the airline company. Database used is Microsoft Access.
·         A Chat program in C#. This was the software project for my National Diploma. It included registration of users, logging in, adding new friends, submit a basic profile, viewing people who are online, chatting with friends. This program was made up of a server and clients connect to it. Database used is Microsoft Access.
·         A program in VB.NET which stores lyrics and has a search function. This was my first program in object oriented programming and the lyrics were stored in a text file. Storing of lyrics was done out of my own interest in the subject as at that time, we didn’t learn it yet.
·         MCAST National Diploma in Computing (Software) 2005-2007
·         MCTS Course - 2007
·         MATSEC – A-Level in Computer Studies – 2005
Work Experience:
·         September 2008 till now: (working from home via internet) I am part of the administration of the website The website’s owner is David Silverlight, the person which Mircrosoft’s Silverlight is named after. My role in the administration is approving and accepting posts from IT Professionals in software programming and web development. This including reviewing their work such as articles, code snippets, book reviews, announcements, IT related blogs etc. Also I am a moderator on the website’s discussion board as well as one of the main forum writers on the website too.
·         June 2008 till mid December 2008: Worked at Playmobil as a programmer. Currently working with C# and SharePoint. Mostly using the Microsoft Designer and working on Workflows.
·         Summer 2007 until June 2008: Worked at Burger King, Paceville as part of a very big team which work together in order to satisfy customers. Most of the time I was dealing with customers or working in the kitchen team as a group.
·         I love music and reading.
·         Learning new things
·         Getting to know people from around the world, new cultures
·         In my free time I like sharing my ideas and knowledge on my personal blog.
·         I also like going out and meeting new friends (socializing).
·         March 2008: MSP (Microsoft Student Partner)
·         October 2008 : Was awarded the grand prize for giving the most contribution to the community. The cool, geeky gift is: The Robotic Junkyard Dog.
Reference Letters:
·         David Silverlight – President of, on being an administrator and moderator on the website. (29th January 2009)
·         John Farrugia – Playmobil MIS (Management Information Systems) Manager, on being a Programmer in their department. (18th December 2008)
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