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News SLaM(Silverlight and Mapping). I am fascinated with developing business related .NET applications and adding more life to them by including mapping components. Plugin Developer with MapWindow GIS.
SLaM Development Silverlight with C# and Mapping Walkways June 2010 Entries
How to reproject a shapefile from WGS 84 to Spherical/Web Mercator projection.
Definitions: You will need to know the meaning of these terms below. I have given a small description to the acronyms but you can google and know more about them. #1:WGS-84- World Geodetic Systems (1984)- is a standard reference coordinate system used for Cartography, Geodesy and Navigation. #2: EPGS-European Petroleum Survey Group-was a scientific organization with ties to the European petroleum industry consisting of specialists working in applied geodesy, surveying, and cartography related to ......

Posted On Tuesday, June 1, 2010 2:22 PM

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