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News SLaM(Silverlight and Mapping). I am fascinated with developing business related .NET applications and adding more life to them by including mapping components. Plugin Developer with MapWindow GIS.
SLaM Development Silverlight with C# and Mapping Walkways

The IncidentsTracker v1.2 System is a system that was developed to track Incidents happening in any particular country.

It is incorporated with a maping component to enable end users search for places where an incident has happened, enter data about it and then produce reports.It's a Winforms software that was developed in a plugin style using C#  with an extensibility pattern/framework.

It sits on an SQL Server backend but can also uses Access and can be customised to use any other prefered databases. Its Administrator just has to add the path where the database will be and it will autio create the database.

This software was orignally developed to help UN Agancies and NGOs in thier work but can also be ustilised by other entities like the police, the human rights organisations, roads authority, etc etc.

The development of a newer version(IncidentTracker v2) has been started in silverlight.

Screenshot 01: Login.

Screenshot 02: View and Search.

Screenshot 03: Mapping Component



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