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Scott Dorman Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Developer, Author

Florida has a very active developer community. The biggest problem we seem to have is that all of these different groups usually don't know about each and there hasn't been a "centralized clearinghouse" listing all of the technical communities. Joe Healy, one of our Florida Microsoft Developer Evangelists, maintains a list and one-page flyers for each of the main areas in Florida. I think the eventual plan is that Joe will be updating his site to take advantage of the newer version of Live Maps and be able to show all of these communities overlaid on the Florida map.

Taking what he has started, I have put together a similar list (based on the information Joe maintains) that covers the other technical communities that I know of. If you are part of a technical user group community and don't see it listed (or need to change anything about a group that is listed), please let me know so I can add it to my list. I'll also forward the information on to Joe so he can keep his list in sync as well. (Likewise, if you let Joe know about a new group, please let me know as well.)


.NET Developer Groups


Architecture Focused Groups


DotNetNuke Groups


General User Groups


Java Developer Groups (JUGs)


Office/SharePoint/BizTalk Groups


Specialty Groups


SQL Server Groups


User Interface/Design Focused Groups

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