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Saturday night Kendra and I stopped in this little wing place and were treated to karaoke night.  One of the customers was in full on Elvis gear.  Big hair, glasses, large belt buckle, but no jump suit.

His daughter performed first and her name was actually Lisa Marie.  This guy is way into Elvis.

When it came his turn to sing, he made an entrance from the bathroom like it was backstage and was carrying a guitar.  He never used the guitar at all, not even pretending.  In fact, he didn't move at all while he was singing, just stood there frozen stiff, like he had to take a crap and the bathroom was full.  Where were all the Elvis gyrations?  Well, you could barely hear him sing and he sounded nothing like Elvis.

So this guy, who is way into Elvis, exposes that fact in public, goes to karaoke, and he happens to be the only person in America who can't do an Elvis impersonation!

Here's to you Mr. Bad Elvis Impersonator Guy, for giving a new fun memory.

"Thank you.  Thank you, very much."

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