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Michael Robertson will not give up his fight against Microsoft.  Remember back when he took on Windows by creating a more "Windows friendly" version of Linux called Lindows, got sued, and changed the name to Linspire?

Well, now he is taking them on with an entirely web based OS.  And I guess there must be a really attractive lawyer on the Microsoft team he is just dying to see again, because he is calling it ajaxWindows.

Microsoft must be his ultimate target.  This is from Michael's Minute announcement:

In the mid-90s Microsoft was threatened by the emergence of Netscape. The Netscape Navigator browser garnered a place on 70% of PCs nearly overnight. In response Microsoft went for the jugular by giving away their browser free of cost. This effectively "cut off Netscape's air supply", while simultaneously strong arming PC manufacturers to stop preloading the Netscape product. Microsoft denied this but Bill Gates admitted that Navigator could have turned Microsoft Windows into mere "plumbing". Microsoft was later found guilty of anti-trust violationsin their battle with Netscape and settled the dispute for $750 million. I think Microsoft's concerns about developers building browser applications instead of desktop applications was valid, but a decade too early. Only now are browsers getting sophisticated enough that truly web-based programs can compete from a usability standpoint with their desktop competitors. One of the key advances to make this possible is the inclusion of AJAX technology in all major web browsers.

Someone might want to reserve the domain name now.

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