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Jim Lynch provides 9 very good reasons not to by an iPhone:

  1. Too Expensive
  2. Tiny Storage
  3. Stylish and Stupid
  4. Stuck with AT&T
  5. Edge and Not 3G
  6. No Flash or Java Support
  7. Two Year Contract and $175 Termination Fee
  8. No Keyboard
  9. Crapfari Instead of Firefox

Those are all valid.  When you think about the iPhone, what you are getting is a shiny interface, cool factor, a widescreen iPod (arguably the single reason to buy one), and one device instead of two if you are an iPod owner.

What Jim forgot is battery life.  Watch movies and suddenly no more phone.  It's too bad Kevin Rose's rumor of two separate batteries wasn't true.

But in true fanboy fashion, after providing solid arguments to avoid the iPhone he gives us number 10:

  • I'll Get to the Apple Store Ahead of You

Yes, all this because:

Yep, this entire column is nothing more than a self-serving ruse at giving myself the best chance possible to snag an iPhone on opening day.

But hey, when we want something, we want it, and Apple certainly takes advantage of its users emotions.  That why they can charge $100 more for a black laptop and $600 for a phone that only costs them $200 to make.  Of course I am also a hypocrite, if this was a Zune phone, I would probably have bought one.

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