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image I don't plan on buying a copy of Zune for Dummies because I doubt it has much value to someone who already knows how to get videos and podcasts on the device.  The rest of the book looks like basic usage instructions.  But I also realize I am not the target market for the book.

One big problem I have always had when trying to suggest the Zune over the iPod to anyone is ease of use.  iTunes is one nice, neat little package where you can get all of your content.  If you can point and click and plug an iPod into the computer, you are pretty much ready to go.  Not necessarily the best or the cheapest, but I don't need to explain to someone how it works.

I'm hoping the next version of the Zune (maybe September) will have more of that feel with video content and podcasts.  Then I would consider getting my son one.  But not yet.  And a book like this would probably be included with the gift.  But this book covers version 1 and I don't recommend the Zune for anyone that probably would need this book.

Granted all this is based on the book description, so maybe I will be surprised.  I'm not even sure how accurate the description is since it contains information like "due to debut in November 2006" and "preview of upcoming Zune models".  So is the book outdated or ahead of the curve?

Oh, well.  I guess it's good to see any forward movement in the Zune market.  Even if it's just a mass market book.

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