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The top ten .NET blogs according to Jon Galloway:

  1. Christopher Steen - Link blogger extrordinaire.
  2. Coding Horror (Jeff Atwood) - Excellent writer with a lot to say about how software development ought to be done, fun stuff about technology and games, must have tools and utilities, and regular doses of slick code.
  3. Computer Zen (Scott Hanselman) - Yep. If you don't know who this guy is, you've probably stumbled onto my blog by accident (or you're related to me). Famous for many things, including his Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List.
  4. Greg's Cool Thing of the Day - Consistently one of the first to write about new software releases, cool software finds, industry events, etc.
  5. Jason Haley - Power link blogger with regular posts into .NET decompiler technologies. Join the "I Love Jason Haley In A Totally Manly Non-Threatening Way Club" today!2
  6. Larkware (Mike Gunderloy) - Mike's Daily Grind is the blog I read if I can only read one. He's omnicient.
  7. Ode To Code (K. ScottAllen) - Great stuff on ASP.NET and .NET in general. Doesn't post quite as often as the rest of this group, but when he does I want to read it right away. How can you not read a blog that has C# code to display joke messages on HP LaserJet printers?
  8. Sam Gentile (feed) - His "New and Notable" linkblog posts are solid, he's got a lot to say about Test Driven Development, and he's a glutton for punishment with all the latest Windows Vista betas. [links updated]
  9. TheServerSide.NET - "Your Enterprise .NET Community"
  10. you've been HAACKED (Phil Haack) - Phil and I met through our blogs, and now I work with him at Veloc|IT. It's good to read your CTO's blog, even if he weren't as frighteningly smart as Phil. Good stuff on ASP.NET, code from his work on SubText and RSSBandit, and practical info on using patterns and framework design in real life applications.

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