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In Microsoft's ongoing battle with Google (and Yahoo!) to become your first stop on the internet, they have finally started to utilize their greatest asset.  Not Office or Windows, but the developers, developers, developers.

Windows Live Developer Center has launched, and with it a new direction in web services approach.  Get the development community on board and integrated.  Microsoft will soon have a very different web presence after Vista, Office 12, Live and Atlas release from beta.  And it will be important that the development community embraces all of these changes.  But will it be enough?  Personally I would like to see Microsoft hold an even percent of the market with Google.  What about Yahoo and AOL?  Screw them :)

A side gripe about Google's homepage:

One of the mistakes Google has made, in my opinion, was they way they control the modules for the Google homepage.  The API is open, but finding modules isn't as easy.  Check out the limited selection managed by Google, compared to the Unofficial Google Modules site.

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