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It's been highly anticipated that Amazon would enter the movie-download business. But the long wait may be over as such an offering might finally be coming to a personal computer near you.

Renting movies online doesn't work for me.  The real hold back is the download times.  I have used CinemaNow and Movielink before, but they both took almost a full day to download.  And for the cost I could be up to Blockbuster and back much faster.

Buying movies is closer.  But the cost savings would have to be big to keep me from buying the DVD.

Subscription rental (or all you can eat per month), now that's the winner.  I would gladly exchange my Netflix service for a download service.  It's time to roll a PC into the home theatre room if this happens.

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Posted on Friday, March 10, 2006 9:56 AM Miscellaneous | Back to top

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