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A friend of mine keep think the Orcas bits he downloaded corrupted and keep blaming Microsoft for putting the corrupt files because he can’t install it on his machine. I wanted to share. Just in case you have the same problem. For me, I’ll take it as a lesson. The next time I download any pre-release or RTM bits. I will make sure I download the correct one. Here’s my respond:
Are you sure you were downloaded the correct files?
It happened to me last time. It seems that the .rar file I downloaded corrupted. But I have mixed those files with different released. do you get what I mean?
They have released 4 different set of files to be downloaded:

1. VSTS with VPC image

2. VSTS with TFS with VPC image

3. VSTS self-extracting

4. VSTS with TFS self-extracting

What I cam suggest to you is to check your files name. Look at its name convention. The file name is different between each other. I got noticed I've mixed the wrong files when I saw differences in its naming convention. Hope this helps.

Posted on Monday, March 12, 2007 10:06 AM | Back to top

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