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Do you have rules and standard in your life? I mean in what you do daily. There must be rules and standard right? For example, I don't smoking and I can't because that is my rules for better my health, and better money savings. My boss just email all of us here at Monster Technologies Malaysia recommendations and standards for our ajax implemetation. It reminds me about my all time favorite reference at They have a long list on Rules to Better...(web, winform, project management etc.). And the list keep expanding since few months ago. One of my favourite is on Rules to Better Windows Forms project. Of course it should not be a standard for our development team. But at least we get some ideas on what we should do to improve our application. Opps. It is not just about application development stuffs, it is all about software. From management stuff to marketing to third party tools. I can just say that it is freaking awesome.

Update on the Orcas March CTP: I still haven't finished to get all the bits from Microsoft download site.

I just moved to a new house I rent at Serdang (30 minutes drive from KL). and I'm rely on my 3G connection with my Sony Ericsson K600i phone to connect to the internet, the speed is around 300kbs I think. And the download speed is just about 20kbps. I'm looking for any wifi spot with good internet connection around cyberjaya. I still could not find any good spot. The good one I know is seems impossible for me to go there because of the tight security expecially if I want to bring my notebook after office hour or on the weekend. What would you do this weekend? I have a very tight schedule this weekend. I love to attend 'kenduri' (wedding ceremony).

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