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Have you checked recently. They have published LINQ/C# Learning Guide. Thanks to TSS folks for providing extensive learning guide towards LINQ. I guess it the only thing that people know in C# 3.5.
Check this out -
Also, integration between CardSpace and Open ID has gain tramendous attention when announced at RSA Conference.
You can find details information about Open ID at it website and CardSpace
Why I posted full link here? because I hope that I will gain more attention to my readers and of course for me also. I might refer back to these later.
Open ID claimed:

"OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity."

Without the integration with CardSpace, it is not, and vice versa. And it also state that:

"Nobody should own this. Nobody's planning on making any money from this. The goal is to release every part of this under the most liberal licenses possible, so there's no money or licensing or registering required to play. It benefits the community as a whole if something like this exists, and we're all a part of the community."

To me it is a good idea. But sometimes, people might ask, can it be trusted? Since it is owned by nobody, so who will take care of it? There must be answer for it. Just like public property, if nobody take care of it. It will not survive for itself.

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