Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure "AjaxControlToolkit.Properties.Resources.NET4.resources"

If you hit this issue and are pretty sure that you have downloaded the AjaxControlToolkit and configured it, the primary source of this error is that you haven’t added a script manager in the page where you are trying to use the toolkit control.  Lets examine more into this.

Setting up the Toolkit

AjaxControlToolkit is a set of ajax enabled controls available for free download right from the ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX days and has evolved into various versions.  It was moved to CodePlex couple of years back.  Ever since, the community contribution has been great and some of the new controls such as HTML Editor (Editor) as well as DeepZoom are great examples of how the toolkit has evolved.

With .NET 4.0, there is a version of AJAX Control Toolkit that works well and it can be downloaded from

Download the in case you plan to just use the toolkit and not planning to change/view the source code of the controls (Most of you would be just using the controls and for that you don’t need to download the the entire with source zip file).  Once you have downloaded extract the and it creates a similar folder.  Open up the folder and you can find the all important AjaxControlToolkit.dll as well as the SampleWebsite zip folder that can be further extracted and opened in Visual Studio/VWD for viewing the samples.

If you are running Windows 7 / IE8, make sure you right click on the AjaxControlToolkit.dll file and select properties and “Unblock” the DLL to make it as a safe DLL downloaded from the internet.

Once you have done the above, you can open Visual Studio ToolBox and create a new tab “AjaxControlToolkit” Thereafter, right click on the newly created tab and select “Choose Items”. It takes a while and then opens up the loaded assemblies.  Click on the “Browse” button to navigate to the folder where you have extracted the AjaxControlToolkit.  Select the AjaxControlToolkit.dll and click “Ok”. If it asks for security warning, accept it.  This would add around 40 controls to your toolbox under AjaxControlToolkit tab.

Thats about getting it configured.  You can drag and drop and use the controls as appropriate.

Examining the title (error) scenario

However, if you run the page after adding the controls, you will hit the error “Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral celture………”  This could be because of the fact that you haven’t added ScriptManager control in your page before using the AjaxControlToolkit control.

Usually when you use UpdatePanel, Timer controls in your page without adding ScriptManager, it shouts out saying ScriptManager needs to be added.  However, in the case of Toolkit, it gives the warning about its inability to find resources which can be mistleading.

Once you add ScriptManager in the page (<asp: ScriptManager id=”sm1” runat=”server” /> this error would be resolved.  The reason is that, the AjaxControlToolkit’s control load reference refers to the base System.Web.UI.Control method which is present as a part of the ASP.NET AJAX Libraries and those libraries are referenced only when the ScriptManager is referenced in the page.

Cheers !!!

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