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"Why WindowsPhone?" in conversation with Girish C Joshi
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"What is WebMatrix?" in conversation with Sarvashrestha Paliwal on Web Technologies
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Making HTML5 Video work with IIS Express
One of the cool things about HTML5 is the ability to play audio/video files out of the box without the dependency on plugins. Earlier I had written about HTML5 Video and the fallback using Silverlight for non-supported scenarios Visual Studio 2010 SP1 has decent support for HTML5, in terms of intellisense, validation etc., But, one issue that is constantly faced when using the HTML5 Video tag in an ASP.NET Application (Web/MVC) built using Visual Studio is that, the videos doesn’t play when running ......

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Silverlight 5 RC now available for download
Much has been the expectation about Silverlight 5 ever since the fire-starter in December 2010 Silverlight 5 has been the expectation of every SL developer ever since the SL4 release and the huge momentum surrounding HTML5 on the web. While HTML5 is definitely promising, Silverlight and other proprietary plugins have their own strengths in terms of rich capabilities such as Digital Rights Management which have evolved to a great extent. In MIX 2011, Scott Guthrie unveiled Silverlight 5 Beta among ......

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HTML5 for ASP.NET Developers
HTML5 for ASP.NET Developers is my attempt to learn HTML5 myself being an ASP.NET Developer. I am planning to post a series of posts on how ASP.NET Developers can leverage some of the HTML5 features in their applications. To begin with, I plan to post a few samples on the following 1. Markup Enhancements that every ASP.NET Developer should know 2. Using HTML5 Geolocation API 3. Using HTML5 Local Storage in ASP.NET Applications 4. Making HTML5 Video work with IIS Express 5. HTML5 Boilerplate template ......

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HTML5 development with Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1
At TechEd India 2011 I presented on HTML5 Development with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. I wanted to cover the aspects that were discussed in my session. HTML5 1. HTML5 is the emerging but promising trend in web development 2. Some of the standards have got green signal i.e. they are candidate recommendations. 3. Some others are still work in progress. 4. IE9 implements standardized HTML5 specifications. Visual Studio 2010 and HTML5 Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 comes from basic HTML5 support. Having ......

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Playing HTML5 Video with fall back for IE8/IE7 and earlier versions of other browsers using Silverlight
One of the popular HTML5 tags is the video tag. The ability to play videos without depending on a plugin is something that excites web developers to a great extent and no wonder you end up seeing video demos in all HTML5 conferences. Now, coming to HTML5 Video, the tag itself is simply <video id=”ID” src=”FILENAME.mp4/ogv/webm” > in the simplest form. This also means that the video needs to be H.256 encoded MP4 format or some of the other formats as mentioned above. For a detailed specification ......

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HTML5 and Visual Studio 2010
All of us work with Visual Studio (or the free Visual Web Developer Express Edition) for developing web applications targeting ASP.NET / ASP.NET MVC or Silverlight etc., Over the years, Visual Studio has grown to a great extent. From being a simple limited functionality tool in VS.NET 2002 to the multi-faceted, MEF driven Visual Studio 2010, it has come a long way. And as much as Visual Studio supports rapid web development by generating HTML mark up, it also added intellisense for some of the HTML ......

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TechEd India 2010 - my first session on developing an IPL Portal using Visual Studio 2010

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Tech Ed India 2010 - my interview with VJ Nikhil Chinnappa

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Visual Studio RTM, Silverlight 4 RTM and WCF RIA Services download links
Its been a long time since I blogged. Primarily due to Tech Ed India, the ongoing Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS 2010) and the related travels. However, here is a quick post with a few updates. Visual Studio 2010 RTMed in India during Tech Ed. We had the privilege of having Soma our Senior VP launch VS 2010 RTM in Bangalore, India, during Tech Ed India 2010. With that we also had Silverlight 4 getting RTMed during the same week. Earlier I had written posts around using the VS 2010 Beta, RC and ......

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Visual Studio 2010 RC – Silverlight 4 and WCF RIA Services Development - Updates from MIX Announcements
MIX is happening and there is a lot of excitement around the various releases such as the Windows Phone 7 Developer Preview, IE9 Platform Preview and few other announcements that have been made. Clearly, the Windows Phone 7 Developer Preview has generated the maximum interest and opened a plethora of opportunities for .NET Developers. It also takes the mobile development to a new generation and doesn’t force developers to learn different programming language. Along with this, few other releases have ......

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Visual Studio 2010 RC first look and Windows Azure Tools
As promised in the previous post, here is a first look on Visual Studio 2010 RC. i am sure many of you have downloaded the bits already so this is for those who are waiting yet. VS 2010 RC is an upgrade to the Beta 2 that was shipped last year. This build has been heavily focussed on implementing community feedback and fixing performance issues reported. The start up screen looks as below. A little darker compared to the Beta 2 build. You can read my earlier post on First look on Beta 2 here I didn’t ......

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WCF RIA Services Preview and the Visual Studio 2010 RC
Warning: This is my experimentation and cannot be taken as a recommendation ! I gave it to my temptation and installed the Visual Studio 2010 RC despite having a lot of upcoming WCF RIA Services talks. (One is scheduled right tomorrow and it would be disastrous to try anything fancy) Much has been explained around the non-availability of Silverlight 4 Tools updated version for this RC release and subsequently the inability to work with WCF RIA Services and SL4. Infact, Tim Heuer has put up a nice ......

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Binding Entity Framework to your SQL Azure Database – Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
If you have used the Entity Framework that shipped with Visual Studio 2008 SP1, you would really start appreciating the flexibility it offers for building schema driven data access layer and get it to the UI Layer either directly or using a middle tier such as WCF RIA Service. Check my earlier post on this, if you are interested further :) Meanwhile, the other exciting stuff that has been around is the SQL Azure which is part of the Windows Azure platform. SQL Azure provides relational data over ......

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Using WCF RIA Services without Silverlight in Visual Studio 2010 for building 3 tier ASP.NET Applications
I have been playing with the WCF RIA Services (erstwhile .NET RIA Services) for sometime and found that most of the samples out there focus on Silverlight based applications. While the new WCF RIA Services preview for VS 2010 is awesome in terms of its Silverlight integration, I also wanted to test out on building plain vanilla ASP.NET Applications and using the power of WCF RIA Services to build a middle tier for the same. Ok, to begin with, I already had Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 installed and ......

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What’s new in ASP.NET 4.0 – Part III – Persisting Row Selection in GridView / ListView

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Virtual TechDays – the team

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Bill Gates Live at Microsoft Research India, powered by Silverlight
Watch Bill Gates Live in the 5th anniversary celebration of Microsoft Research, India. Also, present would be the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Shri Kapil Sibal - HRD Ministry of India, Hon’ble Shri Prithviraj Chauhan - Minister of State for Science and Technology, India, Mr.N.R.Narayana Murthy – Chairman and Chief Mentor, Infosys Technologies, Prof.Ashok Jhunjhunwala – IIT Madras, Dr.P.Anandan – MD, Microsoft Research India. When is this event: Friday, 24th July 2009 10:30 AM IST Where do I watch this: Right ......

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Posting Twitter Tweets from ASP.NET using the WCF REST Starter Kit Preview 2
With Twitter becoming more and more popular, I have always wanted to explore its developer wiki and find out ways to post to Twitter programmatically. While there are a tons of third party tools such as TweetDeck etc., that allow you to tweet right from your desktop, I was looking for a resource that allows me to update my Twitter status from ASP.NET. I stumbled upon this video for read/write ......

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India - Union Budget – Live on - Powered by Silverlight

If you want to catch up with the Indian Budget being presented today, i.e. July 6, 2009, you can watch it live at

All of this playing out of Silverlight !!!

Cheers !!!

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Tech Ed India – Developer Tracks
I am sure you might have heard that Tech Ed India is happening this year. If you haven’t please check out the MSDN India Blog Post You can even follow Tech Ed India on twitter at I wanted to ensure that in this Tech Ed we provide the best content possible to you so that you can equip yourself to meet the tough challenges in these days and also go back and use them for creating the best applications for your Customers. I own the Developer Content for Tech Ed India ......

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Importing Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files in Expression Blend
One of the questions we keep confronted with when talking about Expression in our events is that, is there a way to import files created using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. While in Expression Web and Design you could do that easily, there was less support for accomplishing this in Expression Blend which is used for designing WPF / Silverlight applications. With the Expression Blend 3 Preview, support for importing Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator files is available. Expression Blend 3 Preview ......

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My MSDN Day Presentations and Resources
I recently delivered MSDN Day talks on Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 as well as WPF and Silverlight 2. The presentations for the sessions can be downloaded from MSDN Presentations Drop a comment if you have a question or face issues in getting the PPT. Meanwhile, the PPT is just a flow of slides that helped with my presentation and there were a lot of Demos that I delivered as a part of the sessions and I am giving here below the reference links for the Demos (Some of them are from ......

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Download Silverlight 3 Beta unveiled at MIX 09
Silverlight 3 Beta is just unveiled at MIX 09 today. Silverlight 3 is a huge advancement in rich internet application development on a variety of modern browsers supporting Windows and Macintosh platforms. It supports running Silverlight out of the browser (offline enabled) as well as improvements for video quality, richer features, enhanced developer productivity and much more. Along with it, Expression Blend 3 Preview that helps authoring SL 3 Beta Applications. You can download the SL 3 Beta from ......

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Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview “The pre-release version of this product has expired. You must update to a newer release." Error
I have been running Expression Blend 2.5 June 2008 preview that targeted Silverlight 2 runtime and had not used it for a long time. When I tried opening it up last week, it threw the error “The pre-release version of this product has expired. You must update to a newer release” While there has been no Expression Blend 3 as per my knowledge, I didn't find a newer version of this 2.5 June preview as well, so was puzzled. Looked up the Expression site and their blog where they had a detailed post explaining ......

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ASP.NET Dynamic Data Wizard Preview – My Virtual TechDays Video
If you face issues in viewing this video within the blog, you can view it directly from Cheers ......

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Getting Started with ASP.NET
I just had the privilege (trauma?) of setting up my new machine and had to install everything from the scratch. I will save the rest of my experiences, for another post, but for now I thought of sharing, what I had to install to work with the latest stuff for Web Development in ASP.NET. These are pretty quick to install and helps you build cutting edge websites. 1. Install Visual Studio 2008 (you can get a trial version from or the free ......

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Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio 2008
The Windows Live Team put up a neat bunch of controls that can be used in your ASP.NET Websites. In fact once you install the Windows Live Tools for Visual Studio 2008 from you get a few server controls in the toolbox as well as website templates for Visual Studio 2008 project/website. I wanted to demonstrate how you can quickly add a video to your website that is being streamed from the Silverlight Streaming Service, all within 5 minutes. Pre-requisites 1. Visual Studio ......

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Silverlight 2, Visual Studio 2008 - "Object reference not set an instance of an object error"
After installing the latest SL 2 bits as well as the SL 2 Templates for Visual Studio 2008, when you create a new Silverlight Application, you might receive the error "object reference not set an instance of an object". You might also receive the error "This type of project is not supported in this installtion" error. This can happen basically if you have the SL 2 Beta 2 templates for VS 2008 or the Beta 1 templates. In my case I removed the Beta 2 bits but I still received the error while trying ......

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Silverlight 2, Expression Blend 2 SP1 & Expression Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview
While the news that we released Silverlight 2 today, is kind of generating the energy and almost all top blogs talk about it, I wanted to share a few things that might be useful for you as a designer / developer in getting started with the bits. First off, let me share installation tips. Remove the SL 2 Beta 2 Version (not mandatory but nice to do) Remove Expression Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview. (This is Required ! The Blend 2.5 June 2008 Preview stops you from installing the updated bits for working ......

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Setting ASP.NET Webform Tag’s Action Attribute
Click here for a text version of this article If you are facing issues with viewing the video from this blog, you can view the video, directly from Cheers ......

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Loading Iframe Dynamically in ASP.NET
Click here for a Text Version of this Article In case you have issues in viewing this video within the blog, you can directly view it from Cheers ......

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PDC 2008 The most exciting Professional Developers Conference
Well, you heard it right. PDC 2008 scheduled for Oct 27 - 30 at the Los Angeles Convention Center is one of the most exciting Microsoft technical event delivered right by the product teams who are just waiting to show to the world, what they have been working on over the last 2 years. One of the important announcements at PDC would be Windows 7, the next version of Windows Client Operating System and the Cloud platform that we have been working on. Not to mention, some of the cool stuff around the ......

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ASP.NET MediaPlayer Control - Playing Audio Files
Earlier I had blogged about playing video files in ASP.NET using MediaPlayer Control which was then part of the .NET 3.5 Extensions Beta. The update is that now it is no longer ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Beta. You just have to install the .NET 3.5 SP1 to get this feature/control. Today I was exploring on how I can play audio files (plain audio in wma format without any video). Sounds simple right? Use the same MediaPlayer and point it to the wma file. But it was a little more than what I thought of. ......

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DLR Hosting
Was talking to a DLR Team member and stumbled upon his blog which interestingly focuses on DLR Hosting and how you can start writing a host for DLR. Here below is the link to his blog. If you are new to DLR, is it the Dynamic Language Runtime that would be a layer on top of CLR for creating and running Iron Python and Iron Ruby (currently limited, but extending to other languages in future) on .NET. DLR would also be supported in Silverlight 2, currently in Beta ......

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Virtual Tech Days Bangalore India - April 9th & 10th
We are delivering Virtual Tech Days on April 9th and 10th (http://www.virtualtechdays... delivering a series of webcasts on different tracks ranging from SQL - BI to Visual Studio for Devices. Infact the three important tracks are SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008. These would be in depth sessions covering specific topics on each of the above products. For Visual Studio we have dedicated tracks for Application Development and Lifecycle management using Visual Studio 2008 ......

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Adding Videos to web page using Silverlight
Well, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you would have noticed that I have recently uploaded a few videos on Visual Studio and ASP.NET AJAX, powered by Silverlight. A lot of you might want to upload your videos into your web pages, web logs, site etc., and would be wondering on where to upload the videos, how to host it etc., Also, some of you might be waiting to use Silverlight in your website. Well, this post (inspired with my own experience) helps understand on how you can achieve both (use ......

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AJAX Enabling ASP.NET 2.0 Applications

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ASP.NET 2.0 PreCompilation Utility for Deployment

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ASP.NET 2.0 Publish Website Deployment

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ASPNET 2.0 MSI Deployment

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ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Website - MediaPlayer - Play Videos in ASP.NET Web Pages
In the earlier post, we saw the "Dynamic Data Website" shipped with ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview that can be used for rapid application development of data driven websites using Visual Studio 2008. The ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Preview can be installed from here Once you install the same, you get a few things. One, is that you get the 'Dynamic Data Website' template I talked about earlier. The other thing is that you get the "ASP.NET 3.5 Extensions Website" template that allows you to create an ASP.NET ......

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MIX '08 is here, Las Vegas, where else !!!
I had blogged about MIX 07 last year. The event had siginifcant importance and the wonderful announcement of Silverlight which changed the way web programming and user experience is being talked about these days. Now, here is MIX 08 happening this year, March 5 - 8th at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. I dont think the address requies more details, though MIX 08 hosts Steve Ballmer Keynote, Scott Guthrie presenting on the new Silverlight release and few more exciting announcements. To check agenda ......

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ASP.NET Extensions 3.5 and Dynamic Data Controls
I have blogged about ASP.NET "Futures" and Dynamic Data Controls in my earlier post. You could create a Data Driven Website very quickly using the "Dynamic Data Website" template that shipped with the ASP.NET "Futures" July 2007 CTP. However, the ASP.NET Extensions 3.5 shipped in December 2007 bundles a bunch of Dynamic Data Controls that are more powerful and offer more extensibility than the ones shipped with the ASP.NET "Futures" July 2007 CTP. Let me clarify a few things here on the releases:- ......

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ASP.NET Developer Webcast Series - Download Video Recordings
We just concluded the ASP.NET Developer Webcast Series today. It was a five day webcast series comprising of the following topics:- ASP.NET 2.0 - Building Enterprise Applications ASP.NET 3.5 - What this web platform has to offer in the next version Best practices in developing Web based applications IIS 7 for Web Developers ASP.NET and Silverlight You can download the webcast recordings from the Ondemand page. Scroll down to the ASP.NET Developer Series section. You may also want to check the earlier ......

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ASP.NET Developer Webcast Series
We are delivering an ASP.NET Developer Webcast Series next week. Last quarter we delivered a similar web developer webcast series where we covered some of the new things that are coming up in Visual Studio 2008 for Web Developers, ASP.NET "Futures", ASP.NET 2.0 Deployment Tips and Tricks as well as AJAX Enabling ASP.NET 2.0 Applications. You can view all of these recorded webcasts at our On Demand Page Click on the ASP.NET link under the "By Series" section in the left and you would find all of the ......

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.NET 3.5 Beta 2, Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 and ASP.NET 3.5 Beta Download Links
During my sessions and webcasts, I make it a point that I provide the download URLs so that developers can go back and install the same and try out the features that we demoed. Many times people make a note of the same but forget to download due to lack to time, missing the links etc., As much as we internally find it hard to get the exact links, I am sure it would be worse externally for you folks to get a list of items to be downloaded and the corresponding links unless you spend a lot of time. ......

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ASP.NET "Futures" July 2007 CTP
Of late I havent been blogging much because of my extensive travel and meeting developer and architect folks across the country. But I couldnt resist further before writing on ASP.NET "Futures" If you have been to the site and bothered to scroll down a bit, you would have noticed that there is an "ASP.NET Futures (July 2007)" CTP Download link. ASP.NET "Futures" has an exciting bunch of controls and features that would make web developers' life pretty cool. This ......

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AJAX Enabling your ASP.NET 2.0 Applications - My first session at Tech Mela
Well, as promised I would start posting the code snippets and samples which I demoed at TechMela. I hope many of you who attended TechMela chose to attend the Web Platform track and stuck to it for the three days where we delivered exciting sessions on ASP.NET Futures, Silverlight and Windows Live. On the first day, the first session I delivered was on AJAX Enabling or Upgrading your ASP.NET 2.0 applications to AJAX. This article explains the steps involved. The first step in AJAX enabling your ASP.NET ......

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Next Web Day - Bangalore & Chennai
We did the Next Web Day in Hyderabad last Sunday and had a good number of audience pouring in, despite it, being a Sunday and with short notice. Our sincere apologies though, for the short notice. I presented on Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX & Windows Live and my friend Pandurang Nayak presented on Silverlight. If you had missed the action you can catch up the same from our online webcasts, which we did, couple of weeks ago. The webcasts can be downloaded from ......

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ASP.NET AJAX Developer Virtual Classrooms
Recently, we did a webcast series on ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight and Windows Live. If you missed out the same, the Webcasts can be downloaded for offline viewing from Visit the above page and Click on "Next Generation Web Applications" tab in the left and you can find a bunch of our webcasts including the ASP.NET AJAX Webcasts. If you scroll down a little you can find all my webcasts starting with ASP.NET AJAX - Part I to AJAX Control Toolkit. Also, ......

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MIX 07 - Happening Right Now !!!
MIX 07 is happening right now in Las Vegas!!! Some of you might have viewed Ray Ozzie's Key Note as well as Scott Guthrie's Key Note few hours back. At Mix 07 the world is waiting to see our latest announcements and our next steps in the future of computing. With SilverLight and Windows Live reaching new heights in the scale of software and services or Software + Services, the world is set for a turn around on the way Enterprises and people use computers, software and the internet. You can catch ......

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