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We decided that we had to have a US image map out on our web page.  In searching for maps, I found a lot of the same type of map on people's web pages, but no source of where the map came from.  It appears that many people are just “borrowing” the same map from each other's websites, which is fundamentally sick and wrong.

We found a resource that we really like:  At first, we purchased their North American Continent map--oops no Hawaii, so we ended up purchasing just the US map, which as the lower part of Canada with it--good enough for what we're trying to do.  At the price of $49, royalty free, you can't beat it.

After that, our illustrator person made an image map of each of the states with Adobe Illustrator.  Since they've already got the thing broken down into the lines, this was relatively quick and easy, assuming that AI is quick and easy to use, which it isn't.

After that, a quick program in C# to import the image map into a database and we're done.  We put it in the db so that we could build the image map again with stats.

The final product turned out very nice--when you roll your mouse over the states, the stats for our leads show up on the left of the map, and it's all dynamically generated, so the stats are always fresh.

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