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Its been long due I was planning to write an article on creating some useful ASP.NET MVC application. I have code named it "DailyJournal". Its a simple application which allows creation of multiple activities and assign tasks to these activities. Its' kind of "Yet another Task/Todo application".

The credentials which you can use with the attached demo application is shown below.


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User Name : admin 
Password   : admin123

Framework/Libraries Used

  • jQuery + jQuery UI (for ajax and UI)
  • ELMAH for Error logging

Warning Ahead

This is just a rough draft and so I am putting down some of the known limitation.
Some points of warning before we move further with this application. This is just an early prototype. As such many of the design principles have been ignored. But, I try to cover that up in the next update once I get my head around this.

The application in its current state supports the following features

  • Create users
  • Assign Activities to users
  • Assign tasks to activities
  • Assign a status to a task

The user creation/authentication is being done by the default Membership provider. Most of the activities are highly visual i.e. you can drag-drop task to different areas, in-place edition of task details and so on.


The following are the current issues with the design which I promise to refactor in the second version.

  • No Validations
  • Fat Controller
  • XSS/CSS vulnerable
  • No Service model/abstraction yet. For the demo LINQ to SQL is implemented.
  • No separation of layers
  • UI Design
  • et el...

This is just an extract.  For source code and more information proceed to

Hope you like this!

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