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So in the latest episode of the podcast with the best name out there, Wil has a very interesting take on why popular stories, TV and movies often end with the bad guys being defeated. I won't really ruin it for you all, but I really agree with him.

I would like to say that Karma is the answer in real life, but it doesn't give you that squishy good warm feeling RIGHT NOW that you'd like to have when the liars and cheaters of the world get you down.

Anyways, go ahead and listen for yourself and enjoy the burrito. Or else, you're on my list.

Oh, and thanks to Wil for the pointer to ChangeThis. I'm probably like the second last person to know about this site (you might be the last) but it looks like it's chock full of great motivational information. Lots of food for thought today.

Posted on Friday, March 10, 2006 3:32 PM Geek Stuff , Life | Back to top

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