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First, let's start off with my shiny new Disclaimer. Now to the meat of the story:

Rory, with tongue firmly planted in cheek, has an interesting post about the offshoring of software jobs. Here's my take on the situation, seeing as I live it every day.

Note: I'm using my big, broad generalizing brush here so don't get too offended, and if you get some paint on you, better take a good look in the mirror.

1. Upper management cares very little about the individual employee. The bottom line rules all, make the money, please the shareholders, collect your bonus and play golf while you vacation eight weeks a year.

2. The average employee (who only wears 15 pieces of flair) could not care less about the company or learning anything above what they need to in order to collect their pay cheque. I'm not saying they have to suck up and wear 37 pieces of flair, but in a professional setting they should have some professionalism. Fair work for fair wages.

So, the net effect is management that wants to cut cost vs. employees who feel unappreciated and take advantage of the situation to slack off. Well, what happens is what we're seeing now. There are too many “high tech“ people in the job market and the salaries are too high. So if the company can pay “Mike” in Bangalore 200 Rupees a day to do the same job, then say hello to the unemployment line and if management ever gets wind of the amount of slacking going on, well then it's layoff time.

In fact just this year, during a month long strike of the CN (Canadian National) rail workers, that very thing happened. Management level employees stepped in to do the job of striking unionized workers and they found that:

“lessons learned by management during this year's month-long strike may open the door for substantial job cuts“


So it's really become a case of shape up or ship out, and the workers doing the bare minimum are the ones being shown the door, in one way or another. And you don't want to do the bare minimum do you? hmmmm??

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