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Problem #2 – A coding sabbatical?


Maybe I’m sad, maybe I should get out more, but even my home pc has to have SQL Server and Visual Studio on it. I’m sure that everyone has their own little routine for setting up new pc’s, but I see no need to deviate from my regular plan with a home machine.


I had heard some rumours about Vista and Visual studios compatibility issues, but I hadn’t paid too much attention. After all, Microsoft would never launch Vista without a dev environment would they?


Turns out they would.


You can read the official line here , and there’s a helpful Microsoft blog at .


I ploughed ahead and started installing SQL Server 2005, and my recommendation is, don’t bother yet. You can just about force it on, but you have to navigate through screen after screen of pop up warnings saying “Known Incompatibility Issue”. After about the tenth, I finally took the hint, and abandoned the whole idea.


Where does this leave us? Well it’s not a disaster, but it is a bit of a mess. If you want to develop for Vista, then download all of the Visual Studio Extensions for Vista (, but you’ll have to develop on XP, and just use Vista for testing. This is a little disappointing, as my reason for upgrading to Vista was to start playing with all the new toys. Microsoft assure as that Framework 1.1 and 2.0 applications will run just fine on Vista, so don’t panic, just add a Vista test to your regular testing routine.


VS 2002 and VS2003 will not be supported on Vista ever. This is going to slow down Vista migration for software houses with a big investment here. At least VS2005 SP1 is out ( ), so when you do find the time to move, it should be to a nice stable platform.


Anyway, I decided to fall back to my standard testing practice, I would use Virtual PC. I decided to develop in a virtual environment at home. Not ideal, but I don’t do anything too complex at home, and my new RAM should allow me to cope ok.

So I put in the Virtual PC disk and.... “Known Incompatibility Issue” pops up again. Aaaagh!

At this point, the language in the room was rapidly degenerating. I’m trying to be good here. I’m trying to be an early adopter and do my bit for the new OS and the inevitable boost it will give to our industry. But its no good if developers can’t get a grip on it.


I finally discovered Virtual PC 2007 beta (find the link at   ). This claims to be ready to both host and run Vista, so I slapped it on, and I haven’t had any problems. I can even use Virtual Hard disks created in virtual PC 2004 which is nice. It does present me with a moral quandary though. I always ban any software evaluation on anything other than Virtual PC, so normally I wouldn’t touch this product with a bargepole. I guess that for this product and this product only I’ll have to make an exception.

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# re: Installing the software pt 2
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Microsoft released beta service packs to help Visual Studio and it's Express line of products to work better in Windows Vista. They were scheduled for release in December I thought, maybe they are running behind.

Left by Evan Kormos on Dec 26, 2006 3:32 PM

# re: Installing the software pt 2
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The beta service pack is indeed out ( with the release version out for 2007 Q1.

I'd be reluctant to write production code on anything beta though, so I'll stick to my arrangement for now.

Left by programmer_mike on Dec 26, 2006 4:11 PM

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