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So, I bought a new external USB drive to back up my machine. I ordered the extra memory that I'd been hankering after.


I made sure that every disk I might ever need was to hand and I cracked open a bottle of wine (this step is entirely optional - the author does not advocate operating machinery of any kind whilst inebriated).


And... was all over before I knew what was happening. My machine was formatted, installed, configured and working in about 25 minutes, and that included me popping out to the Chinese takeaway. All in all, the experience was most satisfactory; quite the simplest, and defiantly the speediest OS installation I have ever performed. Hurrah.


My first impressions were also almost uniformly positive. My machine is a year old AMD 3000 with 2Gb of RAM and a NVIDEA GeForce 6600 Le graphics card. This is a long way away from some of the specifications that I’ve seen mentioned in the past, but the machine is absolutely rocking with it on. Thanks to the improved graphics handling, standard stuff like moving and minimising windows is extremely fast, even with all of the fancy effects turned on. My digital camera is set to produce 2mb images, and previously displaying a folder full of thumbnails, or attempting the slideshow view could be a painful experience. I have run a few tests, and the thumbnails are being displayed almost instantaneously, even on a folder I haven’t navigated to before.

For a long time I have felt that XPs graphics performance has been a real bottleneck – with some top spec machines appearing to perform poorly because of it. If Microsoft have cracked this one then I think there will be a lot of happy users over the next few years.


The official view on minimum specification is here , but if you’re thinking of upgrading, why not download and run the upgrade advisor

The main thing to check for is your graphics cards ability to display the “aero experience” or whatever is called. Essentially, if you can’t get the whizz bang graphics then there’s no point upgrading. Most fairly recent home pcs should be ok, but I wince at the thought of all of those thousands, no make that millions, of corporate machines with their pathetic on-board graphics.


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