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Hobbyist developer Scratching my own itch
In the spirit of hobbyist adventures, I made a static blog generator in C# with the help of MarkdownSharp (from the StackOverflow Guys, I think). Inspired from static blog generators like Jekyll, it does things Jekyll can’t do (aren’t built in)- it has a GUI and can generate feeds. Of course, it’s Windows Only and it’s somewhat limited too. But it works. ......

Wow, creating IE Accelerators is superbly easy. If you want to learn how to create one, go here (some MSDN blog) and the MSDN documentation (clearly written). I was fed up of bringing all those popups and the stupid definitions of Google's dictionary. So I decided to scratch my own itch. I randomly stumbled on the site called Wordnik ......

Hello World. I am a hobbyist developer in the teens and I am a fan of Microsoft and its products.I am learning C# and have learned C and experimented with a few languages such as Python, Ruby, and IO (A really new language). Here, I am going to share my developing adventures.

Watch out, World!

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