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Paul's Petrov Whiteboard [BizTalk, Enterprise Application Integration, Business Process Automation, SOA, .NET] May 2007 Entries
The Daily WTF for Dummies
I don't know why this site changed it's good ol' name from The Daily WTF to "politically correct" WorseThanFailure but I wouldn't do it in my case. I happen to perform code reviews on Java to .Net migration recently and in both I find enough "programming pearls" to keep me saying WTF every day for weeks. I thought about posting some of them and sharing the link with creators of such masterpieces as I may guess who's behind. They might get angry at me but it's for good to let them learn from their ......

Posted On Tuesday, May 29, 2007 5:51 PM

Evektor SportStar Checkout
I recently got checked out in Evektor SportStar. It's a two seat Czech built light sport airplane that becoming increasingly popular with the new sport pilot rules. I've been wanting to try it out for a long time but it's so popular that's always busy flying and booked well ahead. Apparently, many jumped on the sport pilot bandwagon as it's cheaper and faster way to get up in the air. At the same time some folks saving money during regular private pilot training as SportStar's hourly rental rate ......

Posted On Thursday, May 24, 2007 11:19 AM

Locating Airports - Google or Local Live? Neither.
I was delighted to find out that Local Live is able to search by airport codes. Google Maps also has this feature for some time, I don't know for how long, as such small updates aren't usually announced, so it's not clear who was first and who just caught up. Anyways, it was interesting to see how each map handles this task. Apparently, both pretty much suck, but each in its own lovely way. Local Live can search by three character FAA airport code, i.e. DFW is the identifier for Dallas-Fort Worth ......

Posted On Wednesday, May 2, 2007 12:21 AM

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