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.NET Developer who is now exploring the world of react.


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Wow... just Wow... the posts before this are from when I was at TAFE and just beginning my studies. Oh how far I have come since then. I completed studies and got my Bachelor in Game Design/Computer Science, worked for a small council initiative doing some PHP stuff and now currently I am a .NET developer at a stockbroking firm working on in-house products. Anyway I am back and not going to post cringe-worthy stuff like I have previously haha!

Reason for being back is that I am exploring .NET Core 2.0 and React. I am working on a little project that I thought up a long time ago and plan on blogging about my problems, journey and experiences on here. The project could be a WordPress site really, would be much easier. But then I won't get to do what I love, learn and actually make it scalable as I have bigger plans for it later, not limited to but including a mobile phone app that will make calls to the database.

Anyway tomorrow will be Day 1 and here is my list:
- Create VS2017 project and install React
- Create work item cards and mockups for home page
- Research local database setup

If anyone has any tips or helpful links regarding that list, please feel free to link in comments :D
posted on Sunday, October 15, 2017 12:31 AM