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.NET Developer who is now exploring the world of react.

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Hi GWB readers,
I have been away from for the past month, infact from all of my projects as well i have been extremely busy with my degree and had quite a number of large assignments to complete before the end of this semester. Anyway with my new found interest in the XNA framework and 3D modelling i will be turning my interests to XNA ! I have one project underway which is a 2D multiplayer tank game with a short and sweet single player mode version!

Anyway just to note i would like to thank the people who comment on my posts about fixing the MRVGINA.dll issues if it weren't for you guys i would have never remebered that i had this blog going still. So with everything calming down now (atleast for a little while) at university i hope to blog a little more and post updates at my games and experiences with my projects.

Regards Paul.
posted on Monday, April 7, 2008 10:45 PM