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I came across this very interesting guide by Microsoft on Integrating with InfoCard v1.0 posted at MSDN webservice section. As you all know by now that WCF is a part of the upcoming Windows API named WINFX and will be playing a center part as providing the foundation for communication needs of our next generation of applications. Those who have already downloaded the Beta 2 version of WinFX will be able to play with this new piece of technology. Basically InfoCard will provide users to manage their identity from various identity providers, who are at this point unknows, atleast to me. No matter wheter they will be third part identity providers or Microsoft itself, I think it is a great move to provide security for the end application to communicate with trusted applications only.

The foundation of this model (InfoCard) is based on WS-Trust, WS-Security Policy and WS-Metadata Exchange web service specifications. We will be able to see a root-of-trust policy between applications before they start communicating with each other, eliminating all posiblity of sending crucial data to wrong hands or I should perhaps say, applications.

The guide also contains a very interesting example of utilizing this service and how this model can be used to provide security for the end users. WCF is going to serve as a very strong foundation in providing the communicaton standards, but I hope they dont put up heavy charges of utilizing such services.

Read the complete guide here.

Zeeshan Muhammad.
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INTEA MEA - Infrastucture Members Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2005 12:04 AM | Back to top

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