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Professional Validation and More:

VAM is the second generation of ASP.NET web page validation, greatly expanding upon the concept. Microsoft's ASP.NET Validation controls are very limited, causing you to write custom code and hacks. In many cases, there is no way to enhance it to get the features you want. VAM overcomes these limitations, saving you development time and allowing you to build the best UI for your sites.

Validation involves the rules to evaluate data entry fields and a user interface that communicates errors clearly with the user. VAM handles both with great attention to detail and completeness.

Here are the advantages of using VAM:

  • 22 validator controls. (Microsoft has 5.) Details
  • Client-side validation on IE, IE/Mac, Netscape 6+, Mozilla, Opera 7 and Safari. (Microsoft only supports IE and IE/Mac.)
  • Validation groups for when there are separate "forms" on the page, each with their own submit button. Details and Demo
  • The ability to combine the rules of several validators under one error message using the MultiConditionValidator. Details
  • Validators can intelligently disable themselves when the associated field is not in use on the page. Details and Demo
  • Multiple formats for error messages including images with tooltips and alert boxes. No more encoding HTML into the ErrorMessage property. Details and Demo
  • Standardize common error messages throughout the site so that page developers simply select the error message. Error messages can also be localized.
  • Error messages can have tokens to show design time properties and runtime values. Details and Demo
  • Validation is all about getting the user's attention. VAM can blink the error message, set focus to the field with the error, change that field's colors, and put up an alert. Details and Demo
  • Greatly enhanced ValidationSummary control. Details and Demo
  • Built in Required Field Marker support. Details and Demo
  • Support for more data entry controls and page submission controls. Details
  • Support for controls in most DataGrid types including Infragistics ASP.NET Grid (UltraWebGrid).
  • With the Visual Input Security™ add-on (sold separately), you have a formidable defense against hackers who use SQL Injection, Script Injection (XSS), Input Tampering and Brute Force attacks.

It's easy to switch to VAM on existing web applications. Click here to learn how.


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Zeeshan Muhammad.

Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2004 1:30 PM | Back to top

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