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This is taken directly from an article at the Microsoft website about improving meeting efficiencies with the Tablet PC. You can also find lots of great Tablet PC testimonials and conversions talked about at Robert Scoble’s site, thetabletpcweblog and tabletpcbuzz. The article’s author has a book out on the subject too which might make for some interesting reading as I get more in to the IW perspective.

  1. Here are the reasons I prefer my Tablet PC to a conventional laptop in a meeting:
  2. Keyboard noise can be troubling. I use my Tablet PC pen, which makes writing silent.
  3. The laptop screen places a barrier between me and my colleagues. I write naturally with my Tablet PC in my lap or flat on the table. The barrier is removed and we can have more open discussions.
  4. When typing on a laptop I can lose track of the meeting flow. I often lose normal eye contact. With the Tablet PC, it's like I'm writing on a notepad and I can pay better attention.
  5. I can quickly and easily sketch out any visual concepts discussed, such as an organisation chart or design idea.
  6. If we're reviewing a PowerPoint presentation, I can quickly mark it up and handwrite notes right on the slides.
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