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June 2010 Entries

I was setting up a Sharepoint foundation 2010 to integrate with Reporting Services. But to get this working you will need to install the SSRS 2008 version of the add-in or the SSRS 2008 R2 version of the add-in This will depend on the Windows 2008 server OS you are using. But i kept getting the error on the Windows 2008 Server R2 box as i was trying to install the rsSharePoint_x64.msi which is for the SSRS 2008 version of the add-in i later noticed there was another one just for the SSRS 2008 R2 ......

Before you get to see the template to install the BI center site you will have to activate the PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features from the : Site Collection Administration > site collection features But after i activated it and try to create a site i get correlation error bla bla... After looking at the ULS log files i saw something related to not being able to use the SharePoint Server Publishing. So i went to the collection features and activate the SharePoint Server Publishing ......

While i was trying to setup some reports on a SPF 2010 site. After trying to add a Sql Reporting Webpart i get the error: Session state has been disabled for ASP.NET. The Report Viewer control requires that session state be enabled in local mode I never came across that error before when using RSWebaprts in Sharepoint 2007:) But i think is related to ASP.NET sessions state:( Any to fix it you would have to start to make sure the SharePoint Server ASP.NET Session State Service is enabled. Unfortunately ......