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October 2007 Entries

I have set up the usage and analysis process to run from the sharepoint admin central. It started working after 24 hours all good. Then i noticed the search stopped working and the the site usage won't update on sites and subsites. The administrator rebooted the server so immediately i could reason why the search wasn't working so i restarted the wss search service and made sure i started it with the right account and password which it did work . Which i also did to the timer service because i taught ......

I was amazed today when i came across this post from Sahil's blog here .So i taught i'd share with my fellow sharepointers. I had come across thos options before in sharepoint designer but never had anough time to play around with it. Well done Sahil and sure more can be done with lists ......

I have a development laptop and i have vista ultimate installed. So i decided to put all my neccesary day to day development tools like 2005, sql server etc.. But i get error message :- Unable to open the Web 'http://localhost/project name'. The Web server does not appear to have the FrontPage server extensions installed. when trying to create a new website project and i said to myself another microsft OS "VISTA". So next thing to do looked for a solution and i found :this . After i started ......

Just came across this wsp builder for sharepoint  (both WSS and MOSS i presume) from codeplex.
Its was built by Carsten Keutmann
Good on you mate :)
I haven't given it a go but it will save alot of time

When using Sharepoint Designer you could notice that some options are missing an example is when i was customising a DataView webpart.I wanted to add some Filtering options so i clicked on the property menu and then to Common Dataview Tasks > Filtering > selected my FIledName and next was the Comparision but selecting that i noticed that the "is Greater than or equal to" and "Greater than" options were missing. If i remembered more than 3-4 options were missing if not more. And this was the ......

I came across Information Architecture - Worksheets for SharePoint 2007 by Mark Miller And i can say this worksheet is very useful and handy for site planning. Sure productive employees/users would like to fill this in and for sure your boss would love But surely its good for planning which really matters when architecting sharepoint sites.. Good luck ......

I was just surfing around looking in depth at the ObjectDataSource control and here i found another new one added in .Net Framework 3.5 called LinqDataSource Check out Dino Esposito's blog for more interesing info To round is up you've just been giving more choices which means kinda of more toubles Enjoy ......

Great news for .Net Developers and to the .Net World. And i'm thinking MICROSOFT what are you up to ......