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Pier1 is one of Microsoft's NXT Partners (specialized in S+S). They are offering a FREE webinar on Software + Services.  Though the event has passed, you can still check out the recording.

As some of you might know, an estimated 25 percent of all software is expected to be delivered as a Service (i.e. SaaS) in the next few years.

Peer 1 (one of Microsoft’s leading managed services provider) offered a FREE webinar with industry-leading SaaS speakers Tuesday (6/24) at 11:00 am (pacific time). Though the event has passed, you can still check out the recording.

You will learn the fundamentals and how to best prepare and capitalize on the overall opportunities. 

More details at:

Click here to Register and access the video:

You might be able to bypass the registration by clicking this link:

Here's the original Info on the event:

Avoid These Common Pitfalls with SaaS3 from PEER 1

Software as a Service (SaaS) is here to stay, with an estimated 25 percent of all software delivered in the next few years expected to be SaaS. As successful SaaS companies know, to take advantage of the considerable benefits of SaaS, you must run your company in a completely different way than traditional software companies operate. Additionally, when you move from traditional software to SaaS, you must avoid several common mistakes.

This exclusive Webinar will provide insight to both startup software companies and companies transitioning from a traditional product to a SaaS offering. In this first-time event, industry experts Mike Jalonen, CEO of OnDemand Solutions, Jeff Hagins, partner and CTO of Mural Ventures and PEER1's Vice President of Business Development, Robert Miggins, will share their extensive experience and innovative methodologies that have helped ISVs build successful and profitable SaaS applications. You will learn how escaping the pitfalls that have hobbled other ISVs can save your company thousands of dollars.
Attend this event and learn about the Seven Deadly SaaS Offering Mistakes:

  1. Thinking offering SaaS and being an application service provider are similar
  2. Cannibalizing your current revenue by providing your existing offering to the same customers
  3. Underestimating the power of and need for customer service in the SaaS model
  4. Offering free trials that don’t convert prospects to customers
  5. Underestimating the importance of web-centricity for marketing, sales and support
  6. Failing to understand the importance of usability in selling a SaaS offering
  7. Hosting with the wrong hosting provider or self hosting

Hope you find it valuable. I definitely enjoyed it.


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