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Install Certificate to connect to a Hosted Exchange 2003 mailbox on a Motorola Q Phone

Prepare the Certificate to add to the Mobile Device

You should be able to get the certificate from your Exchange admin.

Download Certificate Installer from Microsoft

Go to Microsoft and download the "Add Root Certificate Utility for Verizon SmartPhone"

The exe should be "VZW_SpAddCert.exe"

Go to Microsoft and download the "Add Root Certificate Utility for Verizon SmartPhone" (NOTE: this only works for PocketPC 2003). If you have a Windows Mobile 5.0 device you will need to use a different import tool)

       - The exe should be "VZW_SpAddCert.exe"

                     You should have the following items on your desktop (VZW_SpAddCert.exe & SomeCertificateYouGotFromAdmin)

You can use the following import tool to complete this process for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, which is what the Motorola Q runs on. (NOTE: I did have some problems using the import tool, because it appears to be designed for PocketPC's and not SmartPhones. I was able to work around the interface issues by exporting a .PFX file from the Exchange server certificate store, changing my certificate to User.pfx, copying the .pfx file to the “My Documents“ directory of the mobile device, running the import utility and just going with the default settings of the import tool.)

         Here's place to find the import utility: Personal Certificate Import Utility for Windows Mobile 5.0 ( Let me know if you need any help. It worked for me.


Installing the Certificate

1.  Click on Explore


2.  Select My Windows Mobile Device




3.  This is the "root" folder.  Click on File | New Folder.


4.  Name the new folder "storage"




5. Open the storage folder




6. Drag and drop the certificate you previously saved to your desktop into this folder.




7.  Click the Back button to go back to the root folder




8.  Drag and Drop the certificate installer program, VZW_SpAddCert.exe, that you previously saved to your desktop into the root folder.




9.  Disconnect your phone from the cable


The final step is to actually install the certficate.  On the Motorola Q phone,


1.       Select Start

2.       Select File Manager

3.       Scroll down to "VZW_SpAddCert.exe" and select it to run the certificate installation app.

4.       Select the certificate that you put in the storage folder (it should be the only one on the phone)

5.       View the certificate detail and click on Ok

6.       View the Alert: Confirmation page and click on Okay

7.       When the phone says "Certificate added successfully, please restart your phone" select Ok.

8.       Restart your phone.



Your mailbox should now start synching with your phone. 



I will post another item on setting up ActiveSync 4.1 and 4.2 with Hosted Exchange, but I want to get this out while I’m thinking about it.


Hope this helps.




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