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It is truly amazing what you can see and hear while flying.  My day job took me to Washington, DC today for a meeting.  Some simple observations.

  • US Air Airbus A319 aircraft seems to have had their seat pitch reduced.  At 6'3“, I do not really fit in cattle class.
  • Middle school students should only be moved by air in isolated charter aircraft.  Subjecting the traveling public to them is near criminal.  Doing it in batches of 40 is criminal.
  • While I was glad to not have any of the aforementioned middle schoolers in my row, fitting three full-size adults in those 1960s-sized seats was miserable.
  • Between the sun, an overactive heating system, and an anemic bleed air system, we roasted.  After leaving a pleasant 78F Orlando, I was actually happy to arrive in a 55F Washington.
  • You have to question the morals of the older lady sitting just behind me to my left in the departure lounge who regailed her travel companion with how she got a doctor to recertify her for a handicapped parking sticker.  Her props included a friend's walker with cane, two Ace bandages and liberally applied BenGay ointment.  She was one of the first to race unassisted onto the aircraft when they called for early boarding for people “who needed assistance in boarding.“
  • I did get to read through Chris Sells' Windows Forms Programming in C#.  A good read.  It helped distract me from the school kids.  Recommended, but I see he is coming out with a second edition this year.

I survived the trip.  That is good because I will be repeating it twice in May.

Posted on Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:33 PM Day Job , & Etc. | Back to top

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