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News Bob Taco Industries is an ISV focused on game and app development for Microsoft platforms headed up by Michael B. McLaughlin. Mike is a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP (previously an XNA/DirectX MVP from 2011-2013), a developer, a writer, a consultant, and a retired lawyer. If you're a developer who is just getting started, consider checking out the BTI website's section for developers for links to code samples and other helpful sites.
Bob Taco Industries Blogging Division April 2013 Entries
Version 1.1 of the Windows Store DirectX Game Template is out!
Just a few minutes ago I uploaded version 1.1 of the Windows Store DirectX Game Template (WSDXGT) to the Visual Studio Gallery. If you already have it installed, it should show up as an update the next time you restart Visual Studio 2012 unless you’ve disabled update notifications (if it doesn’t show up but should, let me know; I forgot to keep a copy of VS 2012 with the 1.0 installed so I couldn’t test that myself this time). This release is just a simple addition of several classes that make XAML ......

Posted On Saturday, April 6, 2013 8:54 PM

I’m a Visual C++ MVP!
As many of you may have heard, Microsoft is in the process of retiring the XNA/DirectX MVP award over the next year. Though it is sad that the award category is going away, I understand Microsoft’s reason and it makes a lot of sense. They continue to have a deep commitment to gaming technologies and to game development, and they do still love indie developers (though at times that might not come through as clearly as we’d like). My Microsoft MVP award period starts on April 1st (it’s not an April ......

Posted On Monday, April 1, 2013 11:50 AM

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