Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation

Thanks to everyone who attended my Web API presentation this Tuesday at DC DNUG. The code samples and PowerPoint can be found here:

This includes “before” and “after” snapshots of the code including all snippets that were used during the course of the presentation.

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# re: Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation
Ryan Pfister
6/25/2012 9:30 PM
Is there a video available of the presentation, so we can listen to your lovely voice and follow along?
# re: Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation
Steve Michelotti
6/26/2012 2:01 PM
@Ryan - Not currently. But I'm presenting it again this week at MADExpo as well as next week at CMAP. In addition, it *will* be online on my company's web site within the next few weeks:
# re: Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation
James Treworgy
6/28/2012 3:31 PM
Great presentation. I was going to make one of my coworkers go see it at CMAP but 6:30 PM the night before a holiday seems inhumane :) so I'll wait for the video.
# re: Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation
Videochat Iasi
9/19/2012 6:42 AM
At first I was hesitant to run this type of event in the summer. The venue that I had my sights set on was only available in July. Would there be any interest from the members to give up one of their Saturdays to sit in a room all day in front of their laptops? Members had been requesting a Windows 8 dev camp, so this was a risk I was willing to take.

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